160th GMM & 2017 Christmas Party

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Dear SPIK Members:


To make this a fun-filled occasion, we will raffle some items.
Hence, your voluntary gifts, in the form of corporate items, giveaways, etc…to be forwarded to our office on or before December 8, 2017, will be much appreciated. ​ You may also bring it on the day of the event. ​


We have reserved two (2) seats for you and your Responsible Care Coordinator free of charge.


Kindly confirm your attendance on or before December 1​1​, 201​7. Please find attached registration form and fax it to 814-0970.


For inquiries and other details, please contact SPIK Secretariat at tel. no. 753-1752, telefax 814-0970, or email at spik.secretariat@gmail.com.


Thank you and may you have a Blessed Christmas.


Sincerely yours,
SPIK Secretariat


Downloadable Files:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Valero Grand Suites Map