Public Consultation on Reducing Regulatory Burden

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The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) in cooperation with the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) conducted the public consultation on Reducing Regulatory Burden on Chemicals as part of the Modernizing Government Regulations (MGR) Program last August 08, 2017. The MGR Program is a comprehensive national regulatory reform program being implemented by DAP in cooperation with the NEDA.

The Program on Modernizing Government Regulations (MGR) for National Productivity

and Competitiveness was presented by Mr. Arnel D. Abanto, Head of the DAP- PDC. He started his presentation by the phrase “Poor quality regulation increases compliance costs for business and other groups, leads to unnecessary complexity and associated uncertainty as to regulatory obligations and reduces the ability of government to achieve its objectives” from the OECD Report in 2008.

The MGR aims to enhance the capability of regulating agencies to develop smart regulations through regular capacity building; prevent regulatory failure through risk based approaches; improve the effectiveness of regulations with regulatory management system (RMS); and reduce the costs of administration and enforcement through the combined use of regulatory and non-regulatory alternatives. It also supports the goals of sustaining socio-economic growth and making it more inclusive.

The issues and concerns gathered from previous consultations, forums and surveys were presented to the regulators and different industry sector representatives. Participants were encouraged to provide further comments, suggestions or recommendations on said issues and concerns. Engr. Carmelita J. Villanueva was the lead consultant for the chemical industry sector.

Other public consultation will also be conducted in Davao (September 4-8) and Cebu (September 25-29)