NITE Announces Full Operation of AJCSD

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In the 2nd Meeting of Technical Working Group on the ASEAN-Japan Chemical Safety Database (TWG-AJCSD) on April 27, 2016 hosted by the Philippines through the Department of Trade and Industry- Board Of Investments (DTI-BOI) in cooperation with the Samahan sa Pilipinas ng mga Industriyang KImika (SPIK), Mr. Mr. Takashi Fukushima-Deputy Director-General Chemical Management Center National Institute of Evaluation and Technology (NITE) formally announced the full operation status of the ASEAN- Japan Chemical Safety Database (AJCSD).


The AJCSD was developed by ASEAN countries and Japan under AMEICC Working Group on Chemical Industry (AMEIC WG-CI) which consists of representatives from ASEAN countries and Japan. The AJCSD is a free database and includes chemical regulatory information, GHS classification results, risk and hazard information, etc. The purpose of AJCSD is to enhance transparency and to reduce compliance risk on chemical safety among those countries.


Representative from NITE briefly discussed the updates and demonstration on the full operational version of the AJCSD and encouraged further provision of data and information in the database to facilitate trade through sharing of best practices in chemical management and regulation.


For more information, the AJCSD can be accessed through