2016 DDB Inter-agency meeting

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Inter-Agency Meeting held at the Dangerous Drugs Board


SPIK was invited to the inter-agency meeting convened by the Dangerous Drugs Board to discuss the Board Regulation No.1, Series of 2014 (Revised Comprehensive Guidelines on Importation, Manufacture, prescription, Dispensing, and Sale of, and Other Lawful Acts in Connection with Any dangerous drugs, Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals and Other Similar or Analogous Substances) covering the control of Toluene in spray paints and glue at concentration equal to or higher than 0.1% by weight that are intended for sale to the general public. The Regulation provides that handlers of said products are given one (1) year from the date of implementation of the same or until March 12, 2016 to dispose/ retrieve/ recall their products from the market.

The Meeting which was attended by representatives from DTI-BOI, PEZA, BOC, PNP- FEO, PNP-Crime Laboratory, PDEA, DOJ and SPIK was chaired by Jose Marlowe S. Pedregosa, Undersecretary- Executive Director and Chairman, TWG for Exemption