Strengthening RC Implementation through Responsible Care® Workshop

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The Responsible Care® Council conducted the workshop on Responsible Care® to SPIK Members last April 22, 2015 at the City Garden Hotel, Makati City. The best practices included in each of the seven Codes of Management Practices on the implementation of RC were discussed by the Code Stewards. This activity was started three years ago to assist Responsible Care Coordinators on the proper filling up of the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) which is required to be submitted annually.


Product stewardship, process safety, employee health and safety, distribution, community awareness and emergency response, pollution prevention and security were explicitly discussed. A minimum of four RC Codes must be implemented by companies engage in trading and warehousing, offices and indentors and third party logistics while all Codes are required for a manufacturing sector.


The SPIK Verification Program was also introduced to the participants. Following the Advanced RC Verification workshop held in September 2013, the verification checklist was revised which is now being used during the verification process. Based on the said checklist, a company should get a general average rating of 75% to qualify for the Authority to Use the Responsible Care logo.


The importance of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) was emphasized during the workshop. Participants were taught to fill up the different sections of the KPI form. Four major topics were included in the reporting process: health and safety, environment, transport incident and use of resources. Similar to SAR, KPI is submitted annually on or before May 31.